I believe in the celebration of a resolute and lavish femininity. The dialogue between volume and ornament, substantiality and sensitivity, contemplates the relationship between culturally demanding ideals of femininity and what I understand to be my own sense of the feminine. These ideas inform the relationship between form and surface in my work. Resoluteness conveys determination through fullness and power; lavishness expresses decisive indulgence.

My ideas of femininity are pushed and pulled in the surfaces and decoration of stout voluminous forms. Embedded and sprigged ornamental gestures emerge and converge with regulated thrown lines to create undulating, indulgent curves. Robust colors connect the surface to the form through depth and decoration, providing generous intensity through glistening, thick rivulets. My work personifies an identity that is not characterized by sober traditions of restraint but rather is declared by substantial pots that recognize a genuine joy in a resolute femininity deserving of celebration.

I manipulate the language of porcelain by employing exaggerated volumes and gestures to convey the material's strength and durability as opposed to delicacy. The generous use of clay, glaze and decoration contrasts the historical cultivation of refined, delicate porcelain. Striking at the ideas of what is definably feminine, visually feminine, and my personal sense of the feminine, my work is my determined desire for a substantial understanding of feminine identity separate from social and aesthetic canon.